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Receiving a call from the authorities saying that your child was taken into custody can be overwhelming and alarming. Children who are arrested for a crime can face serious consequences. This can create significant stress for you and your family – especially when the future is uncertain.

If your child has been taken into custody, it is critical to contact a juvenile crimes lawyer as soon as possible. With the oversight of a skilled legal professional, you can be sure that your child’s rights will be upheld and protected throughout the entire legal process. Not only this, but your attorney will play a major role in helping mitigate the matter, facilitating a clear and concise legal plan to move forward with.

The Law Office Of Jeffrey W. Johnson has been thoughtfully providing New York residents with comprehensive legal services for years. We understand the hardships that accompany juvenile criminal charges. That’s why we make it our priority to work alongside you and provide your family with the support needed to succeed.

If you are seeking a juvenile crime defense lawyer who will secure the rights and welfare of your child, look no further than the Law Office Of Jeffrey W. Johnson.

How Long Does The Order Of Protection Last?

If an Order of Protection is done by mutual agreement, it can last for any time period from one day to two years. Typically, it may be for three months, six months, or a year if it’s settled. If it’s decided after a hearing, the judge will grant it for two years. However, it is worth noting that they can choose less time if they don’t think a two-year Order of Protection is justified.

An Order of Protection can also be extended for up to five years if there are aggravating circumstances involved. Typically, this means that some kind of weapon was involved. Additionally, if the Order of Protection expires, you have the right to file for an extension – showing the court a good cause for extending your order. Read More

If My Child Is Found Guilty At The Juvenile Delinquency Hearing, What Are Potential Consequences For Him Or Her?

There are several different things that a judge can do if a child is found guilty of an offense. The least restrictive option is an ADC, or an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. This means that the child is prohibited from committing any further offenses for a certain period, usually six to 12 months. If the child abides by these conditions, then the case is dismissed and sealed against them.

There is a conditional discharge that normally lasts 12 months. In these circumstances, the child must abide by certain rules (i.e., obeying curfews, going to school, avoiding being charged with any further offenses). At the end of these 12 months, the case would be dismissed. Read More

How A Juvenile Crimes Attorney Can Help Protect Your Child’s Future

Once we begin working on your case, we will explore every possible avenue of recourse for your child. By gathering information and evidence pertinent to the situation, we will be able to construct a defense strategy that directly benefits your child’s welfare and future.

Our primary goal is to prevent jail time and a criminal record. While this is not always possible, we have the tools and experience needed to help your child obtain the best possible outcome. When it comes to issues surrounding juvenile crimes, the Law Office Of Jeffrey W. Johnson knows what it takes to achieve sustainable legal success for our clients.

The Law Office Of Jeffrey W. Johnson Puts Your Children’s Rights First

Have you found yourself searching the internet for “juvenile crimes lawyer near me”? If so, you have come to the right place. At the Law Office Of Jeffrey W. Johnson, we advocate for children using proven legal strategies.

Every case is unique. That’s why we promise to work with our clients using a hands-on legal approach. Our qualified legal team will meticulously analyze your particular set of circumstances and do whatever it takes to provide proactive solutions for you and your child.

Juvenile crime cases can be sensitive and harmful to families. By developing thoughtful and communicative relationships with our clients, we work to resolve these delicate issues as a team.

Are you ready to establish a viable legal defense for your child? Call us today at (718) 557-9767 to get started!

 Law Office Of Jeffrey W. Johnson.

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We Have A Sliding Fee Scale!

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